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Gena K. Hart,
District Controller

County Landfill (more)
1640 N 650 E
Montgomery, IN 47558
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County Landfill

The Daviess County Solid Waste District, manages the Daviess County Landfill, located at 1640 N 650 E in Montgomery.
Landfill procedure and Recycling Facility information is as follows:

Operating hours @ the Landfill are:
Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Saturday: 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Telephone: 812-486 -3774
Fax: 812-486-2787
Mailing Address:
P.O. BOX 312
Montgomery, Indiana 47558

CALL before you come during severe weather or Consult the Landfill Facebook Page or the radio.

Solid Waste District Staff
Robert J Ochs District Director
Gena K Hart District Controller
Diana L Smith Landfill Scalehouse Operator
Mark J Burch Landfill Mechanic/Heavy Equip. Operator
Tobin S Fitch Landfill Heavy Equipment Operator
Andrew J Swartzentruber Litter Controll Officer

We accept Daviess County generated waste only. Anyone bringing in out of county trash is subject to fine as stated in Ordinance 3-88.

Daviess County Landfill accepts Cash, Checks, and Pre-approved Credit Accounts only. We DO NOT accept Debit or Credit Cards of any kind.

All wastes, trash and demolition debris, have the same tipping fee, which is $23.10 per ton. All patrons wishing to dispose of waste will weigh in and out on a State certified scale. The minimum to cross the scale is $7.85.

Anyone bringing in a refrigerated unit, working or not (air conditioner, refrigerator, freezer, etc.) must provide an Intact Certificate stating that the Freon and compressor have been properly removed from the unit. The Freon Intact Certificate is included for your convenience or can be obtained from the business that provided the service for you. This form will list the unit(s) in question by name and serial #, and is to be signed by a certified dealer along with their certification number.

All incinerated waste must be completely extinguished before disposal.

Items the landfill WILL NOT accept by Law include:

  • Yard Waste (This includes grass clippings, shrubs, trees)
  • Free Liquids (Such as paint, oil, pesticides, etc.)
  • Car and Truck Batteries
  • Car and Truck Bodies
  • Dead Animals

There are still several recycling containers available for the public to place recyclables. Containers are clearly marked as follows:

Plastic (#1 and #2 plastic)

Aluminum Beverage cans ONLY

Steel Food cans ONLY

Newspapers ONLY

Cardboard (Corrugated ONLY)

Please rinse containers well.Caps and lids are a different grade of plastic and should be removed and discarded before recycling. We cannot accept oil, paint, anti-freeze, weed killer, pest control or other chemical plastics in any of the recycling containers.
We do have a " Waste Tire Container". The law prohibits waste tires from entering the landfill, so for convenience, a container is available for the residents (businesses excluded) of Daviess County.

We will accept tires as follows:

Auto & Light Truck Tire-Off Rim $4.00
Auto & Light Truck Tire-On Rim $6.00
Semi Tires-Off Rim $10.00
Semi Tires-On Rim $15.00
Front End Skid Steer/Backhoe/Bobcat Tire-Off Rim $13.00
Front End Skid Steer/Backhoe/Bobcat Tire-On Rim $16.00
Dump Truck Front Floater Tire-Off Rim $21.00
Dump Truck Front Floater Tire-On Rim $23.00
Ag Tires 24-28-Off Rim $45.00
Ag Tires 24-28-On Rim $55.00
Ag Tires 28.5 and Up-Off Rim $65.00
Ag Tires 28.5 and Up-On Rim $90.00

We also recycle paperback books, text books, and magazines. They should be clean and dry, preferably boxed, and delivered inside the Scalehouse.

We still have a " Trash Bag" disposal system in place. Trash bags limited to 33 gallon size or smaller. Tags may be purchased @ the Scalehouse at $2.00 a tag and be placed on the bag at time of disposal. Tags may not be purchased in advance.

If there are any questions please call during regular business hours at (812) 486-3774.

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