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Community Corrections


Daviess County Community Corrections was the first small county and is one of the oldest state-funded programs in Indiana. The Advisory Board was established on May 2, 1983 and the Indiana Department of Correction has provided funding for thirty-one years. Our program exists to provide community-based rehabilitation and treatment services for residents of Daviess County whether they are pre- or post-conviction/adjudication. Our purpose is to provide sentence alternatives for the courts, prosecutor and probation which will reduce criminal behavior through the use of evidence based practices and to divert offenders from the county jail and the Indiana Department of Correction. When the program was created there was one full time employee, the director and only two programs: Community Service and Work Release. In 1985, a full time secretary was added.

Currently, Daviess County Community Corrections consists of seven full-time and three part-time staff. We offer Work Release for adult offenders, Electronic Home Detention for adult and juvenile offenders, Community Transition for adult offenders, Community Service for adult and juvenile offenders, and SAP, a school suspension program for middle and high school students. An indigent electronic home detention program was created in partnership with Daviess County Probation to reduce the number of juvenile offenders placed in detention, foster care, or private placement.

Daviess County Community Corrections partners with the Daviess County Extension Services to provide evidence based educational programs such as life skills and parenting classes for our program participants. We will continue to work with the Samaritan Center and Transitions to provide substance abuse treatment for our offenders and with Southwest Indiana Meth Alliance to provide “Strengthening Families” for offenders and their families. In-house programming being facilitated by staff includes “Thinking for a Change,” “Moving On,” and “MRT.”

Daviess County Community Corrections continues to provide safe alternatives to incarceration. The IRAS and IYAS are being used to assess offenders and case plans are developed based upon the results of the assessment. The Daviess County Community Corrections Advisory Board recognizes the importance of assessment and programming for offenders and it is the goal of this program to strive to meet the requirements established by the Indiana Department of Corrections, Judicial Center and State Legislature to better serve offenders.

Daviess County Community Corrections administrative and program buildings are located at 415 W. Walnut St. in Washington. Our work release facility is located within the Daviess County Security Center at 104 N.E. 4th St. Program staff may be reached at (812) 254-8665. Our fax number is (812) 254-8688.