Strategic Plan

  Daviess County Community Corrections

Strategic Plan (September 2013-September 2014)


VISION          We will become leaders in the field of offender rehabilitation and re-entry through the application and use of evidence based practices.

MISSION      We facilitate behavioral change in the lives of at risk populations that results in a safer community.


GOALS   (Annual quarter breaks for your Strategic year: (Sept-Nov - Dec-Feb - Mar-May - June-Aug)

1)      We believe in financial stability. (Creating additional revenue streams)

Begin to evaluate current programs on a cost to operate basis by April 2014.

Determine ideal staff to program ratio by July 2014

Explore and gather information on potential revenue programs by October 2014.

Prioritize potential programs on a cost to revenue basis January 2015.

Develop a schedule to roll out first additional program(s) by April 2015.


2)      We believe that we better serve our clients when we increase our program availability.

      Examine potential collaboration partners by February 2014

Review past year's Case Plans to gather data on potential program needs by May 2014.

Develop a DCCC continuum for client behavior change by August 2014.

Review effectiveness of current programs twice this year April/May and November/December 2014.


3)      We believe that we can achieve excellence in our systems and structures.

      Create specific handbooks for each program element by November 2013.

Continue to evaluate current P&Ps by January /February 2014.

Create new P&Ps as required (ongoing).

Design professional guidelines for staff by March 2014.

Evaluate current staff using a designed rubric that measures professionalism by August 2014.


4)      We believe that we can elevate our community identity.

      Post effective signs and directions on the new office complex by November 2013.

Create at least 3 events that raise community awareness by September 2014.

Host at least 3 open house type events in the new office complex by September 2014.

Begin plans to enlarge the office complex by December 2014.


This Strategic Plan developed by Staff and Advisory Board on September 4, 2013.