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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can I make a partial payment?
A. Yes, but the full amount will need to be paid by the due date to avoid penalties on the unpaid balance.
Q. I need to change my mailing address.
A. Contact Treasurer's office at 812-254-8677 or fill the request form on the back of your tax statement.
Q. Why didn't I get notified that my taxes were delinquent?
A. We send out one billing in the spring of each year. That bill has two payment stubs; one to make a payment in May, and another for November. You may check GovTech Tax Pro to check the status of your taxes.
Q. Do you accept postmarks?
A. Yes, a payment is "on time" if the envelope has a USPS postmark that has a date on or before the due date. Please be aware of postal deadline to make sure your payment gets an "on time" postmark. Postmarks are valid for regular tax payments only and do not apply to properties certified for tax sales.
Q. Do I have all the exemptions I qualify for?
A. Exemptions are filed in the Auditor's Office. You can find valuable information on their page or contact them at 812-254-8662.
Q. How do I verify that you have received my payment?
A. The following link, GovTech Tax Pro, will allow you to look up your tax information. You may look up your taxes by name, property address, or parcel number. This site is updated nightly. You may also contact our office and we can verify your payment. Please have your property (parcel) number available when you call.
Q . Why does the previous owner's name show up on my bill?
A. If you purchase a property after the March 1st assessment date, then the previous owner's name will appear as the deeded owner on your tax statement.
Q. How do I get a receipt for my tax payment?
A. When making a payment in person, we will stamp your coupon as "paid." When mailing a payment, your cancelled check will act as your receipt. If you send your coupon and self-addressed envelope, your receipt will be returned.
Q. Will I receive a statement for my fall installment of taxes?
A. All tax statements are mailed out in the spring and have payment coupons for the Spring and Fall installments.
Q. Is there any way I can reduce my taxes?
A. There are a number of exemptions available to qualifying taxpayers.
The County Auditor can provide you with informations and assist you in determining whether or not you qualify. By visiting the Auditor's web page, you can find more information concerning exemptions or call them at 812-254-8662.
Another way to reduce your taxes is to ensure the assessed value of your property is correct.
To learn about assessment and appeal procedures, visit the County Assessor's web page or call 812-254-8660.
Q. How do I pay my tax bill?
A. You may pay your tax bill in person, by mail, or you may pay online with a credit card. For more information, see Payment Methods.
Q. I never received my tax bill?
A. Contact our office at 812-254-8677. We will verify your mailing address and mail a new bill to you.
Q. What needs to be done to obtain a mobile home title transfer or moving permit?
A. Please bring the mobile home title to the Treasurer's Office to obtain a permit. If you do not have a title, we need the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the trailer and the size of the mobile home.
If obtaining a moving permit, you need to provide the new location address. We also need the name of the current mobile home owner to verify the taxes have been paid.
To obtain a title transfer or moving permit, all of the taxes must be paid for the year. If it is after the January15th assessment date, you must pay an estimated tax for the next year.
Q. Does the Treasurer's Office have anything to do with determining how much tax I owe?
A. No. The Treasurer's job is to merely collect what is deemed due. Questions about your assessment should be directed to the Assessor BEFORE you pay at the Treasurer's Office.